Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guest Post: Salmon Burgers

I'm out of my kitchen for a bit, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity for a guest! I have the pleasure of bringing you a fellow triathlete who shares a love for healthy, flavorful food. Michael Bissanti is the owner of FOUR burgers, and has graciously shared his recipe for salmon burgers. It sounds absolutely delicious, and I can't wait to try it out :) I also asked Michael to share a triathlon tip with us, which you can find at the end of the post! So without further ado... here's Michael!

FOUR burgers is an all natural burger joint in Cambridge's Central Square. The concept is simple: four burgers are served along with house cut potato chips and french fries. The burgers are an all natural grass fed beef burger, a turkey burger served with a cranberry chutney, an organic vegan black bean burger and our wild salmon burger.

When I was developing the concept for the restaurant, I noticed how many burger places have their turkey and veggie burgers listed last, at the bottom of the menu as if it were an afterthought, making all of you non-beef eaters feel like second class citizens. You can have your turkey/veggie burger... if you can find it.

At FOUR burgers, all of our burgers share equal billing on our menu and we take them all rather seriously. There are no chuckles in the kitchen should someone order a veggie burger, that's for sure. I knew I wanted to offer beef, turkey and a veggie burger, but the last spot in the lineup took a cue from my other restaurant, the paramount on beacon hill. From time to time, we'd serve a salmon burger that was tasty, popular and easy to prepare, so I followed my love of salmon and this burger found its home as the fourth offering at FOUR burgers. Equally as important, I wanted to offer something for everyone, regardless of whether or not you eat beef. The salmon burger has been the surprise hit and we sell about 200 per week.

Wild Salmon Burgers w/Asian Slaw
Recipe by Michael @ Four Burgers
Yield: ~8 burgers

for the burgers:
2 1/4lb ground wild salmon (or fillets run through a meat grinder/food processor)
1/2c panko bread crumbs
1/2c minced scallions
2t minced fresh ginger
1 egg, slightly beaten
1t salbal oelek chili paste
1t minced garlic
1t salt
1 1/2t soy sauce

for the slaw:
6c shredded green cabbage
1/2c veggie oil
3T rice wine vinegar
2t toasted sesame oil
1/2t crushed red pepper
1T toasted sesame seeds
kosher salt, to taste

For the slaw: add all ingredients to a large mixing bowl and combine. Refrigerate for 30min.

For the burgers: If starting with salmon fillets, cut into 1" cubes and pulse in a food processor until finely chopped. Be careful not to over-process, you want to leave some chunks. Transfer ground salmon into a mixing bowl with the remaining ingredients. Mix salmon mixture well, then form into 4.5oz patties.

In a medium saute pan heat olive oil over medium heat. Add some of the burgers to the pan and sear until golden brown. Turn over and sear on other side until golden brown (~3-4min/side). Repeat as needed to cook remaining patties.

Serve burgers on a toasted bun topped with Asian Slaw. These could also be served with lettuce, tomato and a simple tartar sauce, or over your favorite salad. These salmon burgers can also be prepared ahead and frozen for a quick meal. To defrost the burgers, simply put one or two in the fridge before you head to work and they'll be ready when you get home!

Michael's tri tip: If you want to get faster, train with people faster than you, they'll push you beyond your limits! Find an experienced traithlete who can teach you the in's and out's of training, resting, nutrition and my favorite, transitions.


Alisa - frugal foodie said...

I have tried salmon burgers a few times now, and just haven't hit the flavor right. I will have to give this one a try, thanks!

Kelly said...

Sounds delicious. I love to order and make salmon burgers although I have to admit that a homemade veggie burger is always my favorite.

Delicious Dishings said...

I live right down the street and still have not been to Four Burgers. I need to go one of these days! The salmon burger sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

I don't like salmon burgers, but I love all the rest!

I wish there was a place like that in Chicago! :D

Thanks for the guest post - hope you have a good weekend Shannon!

Tyler said...

mmm...i love salmon! these sound great!

Elina said...

I've been wanting to go to Four Burgers. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us, Michael. Maybe I'll do a little taste test and compare a home made version with the one served at a restaurant :)

Maria said...

Great guest post.

Kerstin said...

What a great guest post, I'll have to check out Four Burgers!

lynn said...

i love slaw on burgers, on tacos, on everything! slaw rules!

Yasmeen said...

Looks quite a the idea of salmon in burger :)

pigpigscorner said...

Nice looking burgers!

Anonymous said...

those burgers sound amazing, Shannon!!


Oh and I have to do this (read my last post to know why): Non-renewable resources: fixed quantity. (Usually minerals that got into the Earth’s crust when it was first forming -> E.x. Coal, copper, oil, fossil fuels.)

Chef Fresco said...

yummy! Salmon burgers are delish!

Pumpkin said...

I. Love. Salmon Burgers. My husband and I eat beef very rarely, and really, we prefer poultry and fish- especially fish. I've never tried making my own salmon burgers (usually I buy them frozen), but these seem easy and are probably tastier than the frozen ones at the grocery store!

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