Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gajar Halwa

Delicious Indian food was in abundance at the rehearsal dinner for my best friend's wedding earlier this summer.  There was one dish that stuck in my mind...  a cardamom-kissed dessert made with carrots, or gajar halwa.  I was smitten at first taste and determined to make it in my own kitchen.  What better time than when you get carrots in your CSA?

Gajar Halwa
adapted from beyond the plate

I changed the recipe a bit to retain the carrots' integrity, not be too sweet and not take too long... my personal preferences, feel free to adjust as necessary ;)  Raisins could also be added if you have them!

10oz carrots, peeled and grated
2c milk (I used Lactaid)
1/4c water (supposed to prevent milk from sticking to the bottom of the pan, but mine still stuck)
1/2c evaporated milk
1/3t freshly ground cardamom (or 1/2t pre-ground)
1/4-1/2c sugar (1/2c was too sweet for me)
1/4t saffron (a pinch)
2T butter (optional)
2T pistachios, chopped (or almonds or cashews)

Add carrots, milk, water, evaporated milk and cardamom to a medium, heavy-bottomed pot.  Bring to a boil, and then reduce heat to a simmer.  Cook, stirring frequently, until milk is cooked off.  I turned mine down too low (below a simmer) and it took over an hour, so cooking it at a low simmer should take 20-40min.

Add 1/4c sugar, butter (if using) and saffron (crushing between your fingertips as you add to the pot).  Stir and cook until sugar is dissolved.  Taste and adjust to your desired level of sweetness.  Serve, garnished with chopped pistachios.  It's good warm, RT or cold, or even stirred into your morning oats!

You all know I'm all about vegetables for dessert lately ;)  Have you ever tried gajar halwa??


Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

I love the use of carrots in a dessert!

Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

This sounds incredible. I love that it's light (unlike so many Americanized Indian dishes). Hopefully we get some carrots in our CSA soon. It's been a few weeks though...

Elizabeth said...

I think I tried halwa once at an indian restaurant. Such a cool dessert!

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

Oooh this sounds absolutely delicious! I'm only starting to try more and more Indian foods but have not tried this yet,

Joanne said...

Why didn't I think of this! I have tons of carrots in my fridge also and no idea what to do with them. Fabulous recipe...I always love Indian sweets.

Ricki said...

This is one of those recipes I've had on my "to-try" list for years, ever since I first saw it somewhere. Yours looks awesome! I still haven't tried it. . . must get on this one now! :D

Unknown said...

its like the Indian version of raisin carrots salad, kinda??

Miz said...

I covet your adventurous palate.

kind of :)

Cara said...

This sounds so wonderful and different. Very cool how the carrots are cooked almost like a rice or risotto!

Kerstin said...

Oh, I haven't had this before but it sounds so interesting! And since the carrot are cooked, I'd probably like them.... :)

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