Wednesday, April 17, 2013


At the report of acts of violence, I am immediately saddened.  As a runner, and a Boston Marathon volunteer, Monday's attack felt personal.

The first year I moved to Boston I couldn't wait to go watch my first Boston Marathon.  Marathon Monday lived up to the hype, inspiration abounds.  I've cheered every year since, but in a volunteer jacket.  The first year I was at the finish line.  Yup, right there.  The one you've seen in the videos.

This year I was working the 10k elite water stop, so I was in Framingham all morning and not at the finish line.  If it wasn't for a need to go into work Monday afternoon, I surely would've continued cheering...  from where?

I don't have many words, but as I stare at the footage of the bombings I can't help but see so many heroes.  The first responders, volunteers, and even runners who rushed to those in need after the attack, they are all incredible.  I think Marathon Monday just became even more inspirational.

My next run with be with a heavy heart, but will be for the victims and their families.  My thoughts go out to everyone affected.


Ricki said...

It's just so senseless. My heart goes out to everyone there. And glad you are okay!

Delicious Dishings said...

I'm so glad you are safe! This was so horrible, and it helps to think about the heroes.

Joanne said...

Well personally I'm quite glad you had to go into work, but I know how you feel. If I had run this year, I would have finished at almost exactly that time. Scary. But it is definitely important to appreciate those who jumped in to help!

Michelle Collins said...

So glad to hear you are safe! It all still feels so surreal. Such an awful, horrific tragedy.

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