Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dri Fit's Best Friends

What, you expected food? Haven't I been doing enough cooking??

I wanted to share some things that could help a brother (or sister) out. I can remember when it was such a novelty to wear such things as dri-fit, coolmax, or whatever they're calling it! Now it seems like this is the norm. I've long been a fan, and in the past couple years discovered these products which I'd highly recommend.

I tried adidas deodorant because I had a coupon, but turns out it rocks. Maybe it's just me, but I'd started to notice sweat stains on my shirts from working out, especially white ones. No longer after using this deoderant. And I immediately noticed a difference after picking up another brand last time. Plus, it's aluminum-free, and also better at not leaving those white streaks on your clothes. It may not work for everyone (a quick search revealed a few dissatisfied reviews), but might be worth a shot next time you're in the market for a new tube.

I'm not up for spending money on new clothes all the time, so my workout gear gets some use. Or should I say a LOT of use. I always washed them in Woolite, but after awhile they just didn't seem as fresh anymore. Sample packets of the win and penguin sport wash had been provided in some race packets, so I gave them a shot. No lingering scent-- fresh and clean! I ended up getting win online and I really like this stuff. I've also seen it in more stores, so it seems to becoming more available. The website for the penguin sport wash also claims it restores the wicking properties of such fabrics... (I can neither confirm or deny :))

Err, I'm a girl, I don't sweat (haha)! And I smell like daisies :) Anyone else have experience with these or other products??


Erica said...

Thank you for this- what a great post! I use to use Secret and always got those stains! Since I switched to Degree I no longer have that problem! Love the detergents!! I will have to give them a try

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I wish I could use those products but I don't know if they would work in my washer. It's one of those high-efficiency types.

Unknown said...

Hey Erin- the Penguin sport wash website doesn't mention anything about high efficiency washers, so you could contact the company about. Win detergent, however, does say that it works in high efficiency washers--score! (ha. ha.)

prashant said...

I will have to give them a try

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