Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Update and a Pasta Bake

Phew--I made it! Well, out of Philly, to my parents for a month before heading out to Boston. When I picked up the truck, I was a little worried that my stuff wouldn't fit with enough room for my bike, but we got it in there! I had a couple friends help and it only took a couple hours to load up. The ride back wasn't bad at all, either--it drove like an SUV and there was only a little traffic near the exit heading towards nyc. I think the best part was that my dad unloaded almost everything into the garage himself (thanks dad!!). I was so pooped from the past week, I was about to pass out on my dinner plate (mom had a turkey dinner all ready, thanks mom!!) and was SO grateful. Luckily he's a pro with the hand-cart, so it actually didn't take him that long.

Labor day was a sun-filled day at the US Open!! Dad and I went down and enjoyed a fun day of live tennis :) I'm still amazed at how hard they all hit the ball (even the girls!!), and don't know how any of the line judges can actually see the ball let alone make accurate calls!

I really enjoy coming home to cook-- having 3 people to cook for instead of 1 means I can try so many new things!! Tonight I made dinner, based on a recipe idea from Kath using ingredients we had around the house. We didn't have any red wine, so I left that out, but think it would've been a great addition. Used rotini instead of egg noodles, and did add a small can of tomato sauce. I should've thrown in some more sun dried tomatoes, and seasoned the turkey, but it still came out pretty well.

The use of goat cheese instead of ricotta went well with the sun-dried tomatoes and veggies. We actually just this itself, as it was chock full of veggies, but could easily be accompanied by a side salad, or maybe some garlic bread.

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Anonymous said...

I love pasta when you get to make it yourself and add all the ingredients. I make one you bake with pumpkin and cottage cheese as the suace and t is so good!

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