Friday, January 27, 2012

Superbowl Party Ideas

Alternate Title:  How to Cater a Party for 40

While this was going to be a post about how I catered the party my parents had over the holidays, it seems almost more appropriate to give you some good ideas about what to make next weekend for the big game.

Menu, courtesy of Dad

First, some tips on how to get it done:

  • Figure out how many people are coming.
  • Timing matters!  (or perhaps your inviation will dictate whether people expect a meal or snack)
  • Are there any dietary restrictions/allergies?
  • Plan a menu, taking care to pick mostly things that can be made ahead of time.
  • Make lists your friend. Shopping lists, to-do lists...  better to have it written out than forget it.
  • Accept help!  Whether it be another set of hands, a last-minute grocery run, or a dish you don't have time to focus on, welcome the opportunity to make your life a little easier.
  • When it gets close to game time, don't worry about things that didn't quite get finished.  Chances are good that no one will know what is missing, it's more important to enjoy the party!

And now the Menu:

Bar Nuts
Snack Mix (Made by Mom)
Dips w/crudite: balsamic onion, hummus, eggplant caponata
Brie w/fig preserves and sliced almonds (baked at 350deg for ~30min)
Stuffed dates
Sausage Roll (Made by my Aunt)
Spinach & Gorgonzola roll (Made by my Aunt)
Bruschetta Apple Bruschetta
Chicken Satay w/Peanut Sauce
Herbed Turkey Meatballs w/Cranberry BBQ sauce (I made them smaller and kept them warm in the crockpot)
Kielbasa w/mustard
Herb Poached Shrimp w/Cocktail Sauce (recipe can also be found here)
Carrot Buttermilk Tart (I scaled up, but need to play around with proportions before I share my version)
Assorted cookies (from Mom, Aunt, and guests)
Pomegranate vanilla punch w/prosecco

Are you throwing or attending a Superbowl Party??  If so what will you be making?  Whatever you chose, don't forget to root for the Giants :)


Erica said...

I'm not sure what we're doing for the superbowl yet! Hopefully watching the Pats win regardless ;). Great menu- I always love seeing meatballs at parties

Elizabeth said...

That carrot buttermilk tart sounds awesome! No superbowl plans yet, I could only wish for a gathering with a menu like this!

Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

What a spread! I've never done anything this elaborate. I love the stuffed dates!

vanillasugarblog said...

wow look at you with the exact type of questions to ask beforehand?
no allergies thanks--bring it on!

Joanne said...

I am still probably going to be eternally amazed that you catered a shindig this big! You rock.

Maris (In Good taste) said...

These are helpful tips and ideas!

Simply Life said...

yum! I'm getting hungry just looking at all those fun foods!

Delicious Dishings said...

This is such a great list, but I have to tell you, I will never, ever root for the Giants. :)

Jen said...

Great tips! Hubby grew up a Giants fan so we're definitely hoping for a repeat from a couple years ago! I root for the Colts or whoever is playing the Pats :)

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

Great tips, and what a nice spread!!

Biz said...

Love all the tips! I just watch the super bowl for the commercials - it will just be me and my husband so not sure what I am making yet - love all your links though!

Thanks Shannon!

Elina (Healthy and Sane) said...

I'm still crazy impressed with this spread!! Saving this post for future party ideas (since i already have plans for the superbowl!)

Rosiecat24 said...

Great advice! I love love love planning menus for parties and get-togethers, and seeing your post makes me think I need a girls' night in with fun drinks and some good food :-)

Unknown said...

Wow, just looking at the crazy spread of food that you made makes me stressed out! I'm so bad at planning, and such a elaborate meal looks like it took a ton of work. Great job!!

Kerstin said...

What a spread! Wish I could try it all :)

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