Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Butternut Black Bean Enchiladas

I had my first enchilada a little over a year ago, and it opened up a whole new world...  so many options for fillings!  This version is a spin on the Pumpkin Black Bean Enchiladas that made a few appearances in my kitchen last winter, and it's a close call as to which one I like better ;)

Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas
Serves 4

For the roasted butternut squash:
7c cubed butternut squash cubes
1t cumin
1/2t chili powder
coarse sea salt
freshly ground black pepper

For the sauce:
2c roasted butternut squash
2 1/2c water
2 lg garlic cloves
1t salt
1/4t pepper

For the black bean mixture:
1c black beans
1 chipotle, optional
1/2c greek yogurt
1t salt (use 1/2t if using canned beans)
3 chopped scallions

For the enchiladas:
black bean mixture, above
1c black beans
1c roasted butternut squash
1c chopped kale
2-3oz goat cheese
10 corn tortillas

Preheat the oven to 400deg.

Begin by roasting the squash (this can be done ahead of time).  Add butternut squash to a bowl along with a drizzle of olive oil (~1T) and spice, salt and pepper.  Toss, spread out in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake until soft and starting to caramelize around the edges, about 20min or so.

Add 2c of the roasted squash to a blender along with the rest of the ingredients for the sauce.  Blend until smooth and set aside.

To prepare the black bean mixture, add black beans through scallions to a food processor and blend until well combined.  Transfer to a bowl and combine with 1c black beans, 1c roasted squash and kale, mix well.

Spead a 9x13 pan (or two smaller square pans) with a layer of butternut squash sauce and then assemble the enchiladas.  Wrap corn tortillas in a damp paper towel and microwave fo ~1min to soften.  Mound 3-4T filling on each tortilla, roll up and place seam side down in the baking dish.  Pour butternut squash sauce over the enchiladas and crumble goat cheese over the top.  Bake at 400deg for 20-30min, until the enchiladas are warmed through and the sauce is bubbly.

Let cool a few minutes, and then serve, garnished with chopped scallions, cilantro or parsley, if desired.

For tips on freezing these enchiladas, check out this post.


In and Around Town said...

Love the idea to combine butternut squash and black beans!

Natalie said...

fun enchiladas like this are the best! i've done black bean/sweet potato, next time I'll try squash!

(and I am all about freezing enchiladas-huge time saver!)

Erica said...

I'm actually making enchiladas tomorrow! Black beans and butternut squash go awesome together

Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

The use of squash in the sauce sounds wonderful!

Kristen said...

i like enchiladas a lot. this is a great recipe!

Jenn (eating bender) said...

I've never made my own enchiladas, but I love the idea of black beans and butternut squash together! Perhaps your recipe will have to be my "first." :)

Ranjani said...

I love the combination of squash and black beans with Mexican flavors. I can't believe you never had enchiladas before last year! I'm the opposite - I had them a lot when I was younger but haven't had them recently

Delicious Dishings said...

I love the ingredients in here. I have only ever made enchiladas with leftover turkey. These sound much more interesting!

Victoria said...

Butternut squash+spicy is so good, with the natural sweet edge of the butternut squash. I recently discovered this when adding it to chili. Amazing.

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

these look so lovely and comforting :)

Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living said...

I LOVE the combination of sweet potatoes + black beans, so I bet I would also adore the butternut squash + black bean combo. These enchiladas sound fantastic!

Candace said...

Your pumpkin enchiladas were one of my most favorite new things that we tried last year and I'm so excited that you've shared this recipe. Butternut Squash and Kale and Black Beans are some of my most favorite foods ever and we love all Mexican inspired food. Gotta try this one, Shannon!

Joanne said...

Butternut squash enchiladas are definitely some of my favorites! I made some for Project Food Blog and fell in love. I need to try your version!

We Are Not Martha said...

Mmm these look awesome! I absolutely have not cooked with butternut squash enough this season and that needs to change ASAP!


Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

I love the combination of squash with black beans. This looks healthy and AWESOME!

Cara said...

1) If there is goat cheese in the recipe, it must be in the title. That's a rule.

2) If you need taste-testers as to which is better, I'll happily come over!

Sacha said...

Oh man, I haven't made enchiladas in so long. I love the flavors in these!

Elizabeth said...

YUM. I want that butternut squash sauce on everything.

Amy said...

These look great. I've made sweet potato and black bean enchiladas before, but I bet I would also love them with butternut squash.

Hannah said...

What an incredible combination of seasonal veg and pantry staples! Oh, do I ever want to try a riff on this creative recipe... Thanks for the inspiration!

Simply Life said...

Oh I am LOVING this idea! YUUUUM!

Cotter Crunch said...

i always love your twists on meals, like this! savory yet hearty.

Reeni said...

What a wonderful combination for enchiladas! They look incredibly good! Love that sauce.

MizFit said...

where you be?
where you be? :-)

Elina (Healthy and Sane) said...

I made something similar last year and really loved it. I want to try freezing these babies some day. Do you buy one time use foil containers for that?

Unknown said...

@Elina- I've only done it in glass containers, but that's just b/c it's what I have. I don't see any reason why a foil container wouldn't work, just make sure it's on a flat surface when you put it in the freezer.

Bridget said...

Love the BB + butternut combination!! Also love enchiladas, so I'm thinking adding squash to my next batch is a great idea. I like b-nut squash much better than pumpkin in dishes like this.

Kelly said...

I'm distracted by your spice containers in the background. They look just too cute. I love a good enchilada recipe. I just made a version with a pumpkin sauce this week that I have made TOO many times already.

vanillasugarblog said...

you eat so healthy shann.
good for you.
i've cut way back on breads and i must say i love how i feel.
butternut goes with just about everything doesn't it?

Kerstin said...

What a unique sauce - love all the butternut goodness :)

Candace said...

I can't wait to try these. Your pumpkin black bean enchiladas were amazing.

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